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Natural IGF-1 Enhancer

Boosting Human Growth HORMONE

Helps build muscle & Increase strength

Reduce body fat

Support muscle recovery and healthy immune system

Promote cell growth and reproduction

Muscle Fullness

What is 007 Natural IGF1?

IGF1 is a hormone that our bodies produce naturally, although the levels can change over time.

IGF-1 levels actually peak during puberty, and then decline as we get age. If you are deficient in this hormone, you may start experiencing symptoms like less energy, a higher body fat percentage, and lower workout recovery times.

And if you are looking to build muscle and lose fat, having the right levels of growth hormones is crucial.

007 the growth hormone secretagogue of natural herbal extract, is designed to help release the human body’s human IGF-1 naturally and with its anabolic properties will appeal to bodybuilders and athletes on the lookout for that edge in increasing lean body mass and boosting performance.

Why use 007 Natural GH Enhancer?

007 Natural GH Enhancer has anabolic properties and it is ideal to be used by bodybuilders and athletes who are interested in the GH as a means to increase lean mass and performance. The research shows the benefits of 007 Natural GH Enhancer supplementation, which reportedly included improvements in muscle hypertrophy, tissue repair and recovery times. Due to perceived anabolic effects, athletes use 007 Natuarl GH Enhancer to increase muscle mass, strength. Recovery and reduce body fat.

Effects of 007 Natural GH Enhancer

Research on body composition and exercise performance during eight weeks of supplementation and training trial’s shows, that by using 400mg of 007 Natural GH Enhancer 2 times a day, you’ll be able to complete more repetitions during sets and to lift heavier weights than usual.

Nutritional Information

Recommended Use: 

Use 1 scoop (500mg) in the morning and 1 scoop in the evening.

Each Serve contains: Cyanchum wilfordii and Phlomis Umbrosa.

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