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One thing you will never find in any BTN product is cut corners. We always use proven ingredients at clinically effective dosages, we have to, our reputation is based on you getting results. Nowhere is this truer than with our peerless fat burner, Razor.Now, we are going to let you in on a little industry secret...

Most brands will load their fat burners with inexpensive, but strong stimulants. They do this while skimping on the real fat burning compounds.Why would they do this? because the ingredients that have been clinically proven to burn fat are not cheap! See, they know that as long as you feel "lit up" you will think the product works. It doesn't matter that they didn't include any legit fat burning ingredients, they were able to make the product for only a few bucks and "sell a feel" rather than fat loss.



Caffeine Anhydrous: is a processed, dehydrated form of caffeine. Caffeine crosses the blood-brain barrier easily, making it a very psychoactive substance. Inside the brain, caffeine counteracts the substance andenosine. Andenosine is responsible for inhibiting nervous system activity. Caffeine binds to the andenosine receptors and essentially stops andenosine from putting the brakes on neural activity.Caffeine also boosts epinephrine, dopamine and serotonin. In general, users of caffeine have more energy, more alertness and less fatigue.

L-Tyrosine: Tyrosine is a popular dietary supplement used to improve alertness, attention and focus. Supplementing with Tyrosine is thought to increase important brain chemicals, which affect your mood and stress response.

Theophylline Anhydrous: is a bronchodilator and works by opening the airways in your lungs. It does this by relaxing the muscles and decreasing the response to substances that cause your airways to constrict. This makes it easier for you to breathe and increase aerobic performance.

Paradoxine™ (Grains of Paradise Std. 12.5% 6-Paradrol): Grains of paradise is used as a spice in Africa. And like most spices, it's used in very small amounts. But what has recently been brought to light in US based research labs is that Grains of Paradise in higher dosages contains potent fat burning properties. Paradoxine has exhibited the ability to promote the transformation of white adipose tissue into brown adipose tissue, or more simply, brown fat into white fat. Why is that important? It's super important because brown fat is highly metabolically active, that means it is a fat burning fat that increases whole body metabolism!

Isopropylnorsynephrine: Isopropylnorsynephrine increases your metabolic rate making it a strong weight loss agent while providing stimulant like energy production without any influence on the circulatory system (without increasing blood pressure and accelerating heart rate).

ProGBBGamma Butyrobetaine Ethyl Ester Chloride: Delivers L -carnitine naturally which is effective in fuelling your workouts by providing the required energy during workouts. ProGBB™ makes your supplement an energy powerhouse and helps take you to your peak performance.

Rauwolfia Vomitoria Root Extract:Rauwolfia works by controlling nerve impulses along certain neural pathways by blocking alpha-2 adrenergic receptors to treat medical conditions like erectile dysfunction to aiding in fat loss. This can also act as a vasodilator (meaning it causes the blood cells to expand). This allows blood to flow more freely through the body, providing the cells and organs with oxygen– and nutrient–rich blood.

Huperzia Serrata (Std. min 1% Huperzine A)(Toothed Clubmoss): Huperzine-A working as an acetylcholinesterase (AChE) inhibitor results in increased levels of Acetylcholine in the body and thus improved neurotransmission and both cognitive and muscular performance. Supplementing with Huperzine A may also improve memory retention and mental function when under stress. 

Forskolin: Forskolin is an extract of the Coleus Forskoli plant native to India. Ayurvedic healers have used Forskolin for thousands of years to improve health and vitality. Forskolin is an ancient Indian herb that was chosen due to its abilities as a fasting mimetic. That means you can reap the fat burning benefits of fasting without the catabolic effects of not eating!  Forkolin mimics fasting via an in increase in cAMP. This leads to significant decreases in body fat mass and concurrent increases is lean muscle!

Razor isn't a "kitchen sink" product.  In fact, at BTN, we never throw dozens of ingredients in our products...we don't have to because we know what works!

Forskolin plus grains of paradise work in simple synergy with the powerful thermogenic stimulant blend in Razor to: 

  • Increase Your Resting Metabolic Rate (Burn More Calories Even When You Sleep)
  • Convert Brown Adipose Tissue into White Adipose Tissue
  • Lower the Stress Hormone Cortisol Helping to Preserve Lean Muscle 
  • Reduce Cortisol Dependent Fat Deposits Around the Midsection
  • Improve Testosterone to Cortisol Ratio (Important in Men and Women)
  • Increase Energy Expenditure from Exercise 
  • Provide Super Clean All-Day Energy with No Crash
  • Curb Appetite Naturally 

If You Are Ready for A Fat Burner That Helps Preserve Your Hard-Earned Lean Tissue While Cutting Body Fat, Nor Corners, You Are Ready for Razor!


Take one capsule 30 minutes before breakfast or before morning workout. After assessing tolerance an additional capsule may be taken 5-6 hours later. Do not take past 5 P.M. Do not exceed recommended dosage.

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