Reducing body fat and increasing muscle tone


Do you want to do (what is apparently) the impossible? Gain muscle and reduce body fat? In the fitness world we call that body re-composition. You can do that by following these 5 steps:

1. Lower calories and portion sizes

When you eat more calories than what you use, you put on weight (unless you have tape worms or something….).

To maintain your weight you must eat the number of calories that match your output. To shred or reduce body fat, you must eat less calories than what you would usually maintain your weight on.

To build muscle, the macronutrient you must stay on top of is protein: many of my clients struggle to reach the correct amount of protein during the day and without having adequate protein on a re-composition diet (or any diet), the place your body grabs protein from is your muscles. A convenient way to add between 25-30g of protein to your diet is to add a protein powder to your breakfast in the form of protein powder to your cooked oats, or as a smoothie. This will up your protein intake for the day and ensure you’re not missing out on some fat burning potential of having extra muscle.

One option when it comes to gainers is to have a mass gainer (hear me out here). Right after your workout is when you are least likely to put on body fat: and why not bolster that anabolic window by having a lean gainer like Ultimate Nutrition IsoMass Extreme Gainer or Metabolic Nutrition Musclean. This is the time that the right balance of essential fats, a little bit of carbohydrate and protein is paramount. If you’re doing body re-composition consider maybe half of a serve of one of these so that you can allocate more calories to food (which will be limited).

If meal portion sizes are the issue, let us take the hassle out of preparing food. We have Core meals in a variety of flavours, each balanced with high protein, low carb options and low fat options and each between 250-500 calories per meal! The RRP is $6.99 and with the exclusive AAA supplement price, you pay $6.00! You can collect these in store and be all set for the week!

To monitor your calories, perhaps try using MyFitnessPal, a free app from UnderArmour and input your food for a few days to see where you are lacking when it comes to protein, fat and carbohydrate. The app even allows you to scan the barcode of your food to input it. How’s that for convenience?

2. work out and move a bit more

If you’re stuck for workout ideas, try out a fitness class: local gyms and studios often offer classes like BodyPump; bodyattack; and other strength and HIIT style classes.

To do a body re-composition or to shed body fat, you’ll need to ensure you do a combination of both strength and cardiovascular training so make sure you don’t favour one over the other.

Cardio training will help keep your heart healthy and help you recover better between your main lifts faster.

Strength training will stimulate your muscles to grow and help you build the shape you’re after. You’ll either need a gym or some heavy objects to throw around at home for this. We can help with lifting belts, straps and wrist wraps.

3. Sleep well

If you don’t have adequate sleep, it is almost impossible to shed body fat. Eight hours sleep is essential to help your body repair. You’ll also feel hungrier if you don’t get enough sleep. Lack of sleep increases the hunger hormone, making you more likely to cheat on your diet.

Quality is just as important as quality so a great investment is a sleep supplement that will get you into a deep, restful and restorative sleep sooner. This will maximise those hours in bed.

4. Drink lots of water

You need to be drinking at least 3 litres or more of water: you need water for all of the processes in your body. Give your body a hand and make it easy to get some energy from your fat by drinking water.

If the taste of water is too, well, watery. Try out some of our BCAAs or Amino acids. These will also ensure that you are hydrated and have a constant stream of amino acids during the day too.

5. Try some supplements to reduce stubborn fat

CLA and L-Carnitine will work synergistically to help you use fat as a fuel source and helps to move more fatty acids into your cells to be burned for energy. CLA is usually found in pork and actually helps you lose more fat from around your mid section.

A nutrient partitioner would also come in handy to increase your insulin absorption and reduce the likelihood that you would store fat from eating carbohydrates. Some examples of these would be Glycolog or Slinmax

A greens supplement: not having enough micronutrients might be the one reason that you are not losing body fat. When you’re eating less calories, sometimes you might not be having enough micronutrients since the volume of food will be less.

A fat burner is also worth considering as it can do any or all of these:

-         Reduce appetite

-         Increase your energy

-         Use fat as a fuel

-         Increase your thermogenesis (so make you feel warmer to increase your metabolism)

We ALSO stock Anabolic Labs and BodyRipped Sports Nutrition’s range of performance enhancers. Check them out if you have perhaps tried everything and need another option.

Alternatively, you can come into one of our stores to talk to our knowledgeable staff.