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I AM GOD™ is the most sought after pre-workout ever created and formulated by the founder of Insane Labz® who has manufactured/formulated for 300+ other Sports Nutrition brands worldwide. This product from Insane Labz® is so amazing it actually speaks to YOU the customer from the shelf or screen telling YOU that it is the GOD of pre-workouts! The Asylum fans thought we set the bar high with Psychotic™ but we have broken the bar like we do all plateaus and created I AM GOD™ to be the biggest baddest pre-workout ever created. Insane Labz® recommends you start with half a scoop to access your tolerance as this product is only for advanced users. I AM GOD™ must be taken seriously and taken as directed. If you have not tried Insane Labz® products before, welcome to the movement and the takeover..  God has spoken! Now it’s up to you to do the rest.



Creatine Monohydrate - a hydrated form of creatine, a non-protein compound. It provides for the production of high-energy compounds, including adenosine-5'-triphosphate (ATP), which ensures the supply of energy to working and regenerating muscles. It supports the accumulation of glycogen. Increases in the storage of numerous biochemical reactions. It has antioxidant properties that reduce oxidative stress.

Beta-Alanine - The main function of this muscle is to increase the level of carnosine in the muscles. Effect? During aerobic and anaerobic efforts, the process of acidifying skeletal muscles is significantly slowed down. In practice, this translates into heavier, more intense and more effective workouts. Both endurance as well as muscular strength are growing.

L-Taurine - shows the properties of neuromediator and neuromodulator, thus affecting the functioning of the nervous system. Supports concentration and psychophysical fitness. By virtue of bile acids, increase in food and the availability of energy substrates. Insulinomimetic, it affects the efficiency of transporting nutrients, including glucose, amino acids and creatine. Taurine, by exhibiting bi-directional modulation of muscle contraction, thus responding to maintaining homeostasis of their tension.

Betaine Anhydrous - Betaine Anhydrous, also called Trimethylglycine, is becoming popular as a pre-workout performance enhancer. Several studies have concluded that Betaine is capable of increasing strength,muscle size and enhancing aspects of recovery. We are used to seeing Betaine at 2.5g in fully dosed Pre-Workouts.


L-Tyrosine - L-Tyrosine is one of the amino acids, which are the building blocks of protein. Tyrosine works as a precursor to the neurotransmitters Dopamine and Noradrenaline, which both are used to help with focus, attention and motivation.  They are also the same neurotransmitters released by Caffeine consumption. Tyrosine has been shown to support mood and cognitive function to help keep you focused and on track during workouts. For Tyrosine to be effective you will need above 1g.

Dimethylethanolamine - Used as a nootropic supplement. It is a cholinergic compound that aims to improve cognitive function. It can potentially increase Acetylcholine brain levels and use it over time is supposed to enhance cognitive function.


Caffeine - What you are getting here is a mix of 2 types of caffeine: caffeine anhydrous and caffeine citrate which though all are generally speaking designed to get you going, the mix is supposed to get you going for longer periods and also prevent the post-workout crash.

AMPiberry® - From what we know it Is taken from a form of Juniperus communis. It is known to decrease water weight and help assist in fat loss. It also can provide a smooth energy curve if you combine it with caffeine.


As a dietary supplement for adults, take 1 serving in 8-10oz. of water once daily, 30 minutes before activity. Never consume more than 1 serving in a 24 hour period. Do not take within 4 hours of bedtime. Read warnings and only use as directed. 


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