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Dymatize Super Mass Gainer is a weight gainer that is packed with a massive amount of Protein with an ideal amount of Calorie, Branched-chained Amino acids, and Digestive Enzymes. It is also mixed with whole milk which makes Super Mass Gainer promotes the highest level of muscle recovery and hypertrophy when taken as a post-workout shake. Another component of Dymatize Super Mass Gainer is the pure and high-quality Creatine Monohydrate ensuring the increase in muscle size.

The premium protein blend in Super Mass Gainer consists of both fast and slow assimilating proteins coming from whey, milk and egg sources. This ensures positive nitrogen retention for extended periods of time after consumption. The blend of complex and simple carbs ensures quick glycogen replenishment and works to spike levels post-workout, helping your body deposit nutrients and amino acids into hungry muscle cells.



Whey Protein Concentrate

Whey Protein Concentrate is one of nature’s best muscle builders and health boosters and is a perfect choice for building muscle and keeping you healthy and active when you are training at your hardest. WPC is slower digesting so provides nutrients to your muscles for longer to keep you growing all day.

Milk Protein Isolate

Milk Protein Isolate  is actually a mixture of both casein and whey, with a significantly higher amount of casein content. It is a good anti-catabolic which prevents any potential muscle tissue breakdown

Whey Protein Isolate

Whey Protein Isolate is nature’s most bio-available protein for building muscle and works synergistically with Hydrolysed Whey Peptides. WPI is not one single protein but a collection of protein ‘fractions’, each with specific benefits.  WPI is also a rich source of Branched Chain Amino Acids, especially L-Leucine, that are key regulators of protein synthesis and muscle-building.

Whey Protein Hydrolysate

Whey Protein Hydrolysate is an ultra-pure form of whey protein. Its rich amino acid profile means it is ideal to be used post workout as it delivers these amino acids and protein to the muscles faster than any other form of protein. It has a higher content of Leucinethann WPI. HWPI enhances glycogen replenishment with carbohydrates making the recovery process faster.

Micellar Casein

Micellar Casein Casein protein is the protein found in the curds of milk and is slowly absorbed by the body. The benefits of Micellar Casein is that it is one of the highest quality protein sources, great for fat loss, and improves muscle-building.

Egg Albumin

Egg Albumin Egg whites are a strong source of protein and also contain a small amount of potassium and magnesium. It is also known to build muscles because of the Glycine content of one egg white which is about 1,721 milligrams.


BCAA's contains Leucine, the most a-bolic amino acid, Isoleucine, that prevents the body from starting to break down muscle tissue for additional energy when needed, and Valine that helps stimulate the central nervous system, and is needed for proper mental functioning. BCAA increase the rate of protein synthesis, reduce the amount of protein breakdown, reduce tiredness, and reduce muscle soreness.

Creatine Monohydrate

Creatine Monohydrate is  a three amino acid peptide that helps supply energy to all cells in the body and its primary function is to supply energy to muscles thus making it responsible for an individual's muscle development that results in massive gains as well as leaner and stronger physique. 


As a dietary supplement, add 2 scoops of Dymatize Super Mega Gainer to 24 oz of cold water or milk. Mix thoroughly.

Dymatize Super Mega Gainer is highly concentrated, and due to its potency you may want to consider using 1/2 serving two or three times throughout the day.

For the ultimate in maximum weight gain, take up to three servings of Dymatize Super Mega Gainer daily; one in the morning, another in the afternoon, and a final serving at bedtime (20-30 minutes before going to sleep).


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