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OxyWhey Lean Whey Protein is a delicious 100% lean grass-fed whey protein powder comprising of the best quality sources of protein. With 24 grams of lean whey protein per serving, virtually no carbs, sugars, cholesterol or lactose, OxyWhey will help you achieve a healthy daily protein intake while promoting weight loss, lean muscle growth and recovery.

OxyWhey Lean Protein goes beyond just your basic protein. It contains potent metabolism boosting ingredients that stimulate metabolic activity and fat breakdown. OxyWhey will help you to achieve a healthy daily protein intake while promoting weight loss, lean muscle growth and recovery. It's also boosted with immunity supporting ingredients, mood enhancers and digestive enzymes to maximize protein digestion and absorption, as well as reducing stomach discomfort.




Oxy whey formula provides 24 grams of quality protein of which 70% is whey protein isolate. Whey protein isolates are refined and are concentrated source of branched chain aminoacids that are readily absorbed and used by the body. Whey Protein Isolate is a filtered form of whey protein which contains at least 90% protein by weight and considered as lactose free.

The key benefit of Whey Protein Isolate is that it is quickly absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract without any bloating or stomach discomfort and supports lean muscle growth, repair and recovery.


Whey protein concentrate helps to develop lean muscle mass, promote muscle growth and support rapid recovery after a workout. They have high biological value and protein efficiency. It constitutes 20% of the Oxywhey Lean protein and provides enough free form of aminoacids that help promote lean muscle development. Presence of free form of aminoacids is also critical in preventing the breakdown of muscle tissue.

The key benefit of Whey Protein Concentrate is that the rate of absorption is slightly slower than that of Whey Protein Isolate, and as such, the body is able to retain free form amino acids for a slightly longer period of time after exercise for lean muscle development.


It is a type of slow releasing protein which ensures there is a constant supply of aminoacids. Micellar casein constitute 10% of Oxy whey contents. Presence of micellar casein helps to improves satiety. Micellar casein proteins are more bio-available to the body, meaning nearly 99% of the protein is used up by the body. Studies confirm that micellar casein helps to eliminate muscle fatigue.


These are naturally found in coconuts and research shows that they help to increase metaboilsm. Medium chan triglycerides are metabolised in a different way by the body. They are not broken down but directly used in the liver. They are heart healthy and provide sustained energy.


Glutamine constitutes 60% of the aminoacid composition in the skeletal muscles. It is necessary for the immune activity and also replenishing the lost aminoacids after a work out. Glutamine is necessary for repair and tissue resynthesis. It is an conditionally essential aminoacid as it is ''essential'' in certain circumstances where the body does not make enough of it due to stress and other conditions. Supplementary glutamine is therefore necessary to prevent protein breakdown.


Although whey proteins already provide leucine, Oxy whey by EHP provides additional leucine. Recent studies reveal that when additional leucine is given along with whey supplements it improves endurance, lean muscle mass than just whey supplementation alone. A study published in the 2006 issue of Journal of Strength and conditioning Research show that leucine in combination with whey had an increase in the size of quadriceps muscles and also there was a significant increase in the leg strength and demonstrated an ergogenic effect on exercise performance.


Tyrosine supports energy production, stamina and focus, without any jittery side effects. The body processes tyrosine as a precursor to producing several important hormones and neurotransmitters, such as epinephrine (adrenaline) and dopamine.


When taurine is combined with tyrosine, EHPlabs studies have found that there is a lift in overall mood and mental focus. During calorie deficit dieting and also post workout, it is important to maintain a positive mood and limit stress hormone release so as to prevent body fat storage and muscle break down.


Green tea extracts are rich in polyphenolic antioxidants and theanine an amino-acid that helps in improving focus and cognitive ability. Green tea is also high in polyphenols (also known as flavanols or catechins). Polyphenols in green tea activates the body's metabolic activity, which increases the rate of body fat breakdown.


Grape fruit extracts are rich in resveratrol a powerful antioxidant that helps in preventing free radical damage, and decrease inflammation in site.
This important thermogenic ingredient is abundant in polyphenolic compounds and provides an anti-obesity effect and an enhancement of insulin sensitivity (which is the opposite of insulin resistance). Most notable among these compounds are anthocyanins and proanthocyanidins, which are two types of flavonoids. Also present are non-flavonoid polyphenols, such as the longevity-inducing compound resveratrol.


Chromium picolinate is an important micronutrient that is necessary for insulin to function at its optimal best. Chromium picolinate is crucial nutrient that helps in the metabolism of glucose and fat. It improves glucose tolerance and insulin sensitivity by regulating blood sugar levels. This chemical compound is important in restricting insulin resistance and glycogen tolerance levels in the body. Research findings indicate that chromium picolinate also reduces carbohydrate cravings.



Consume twice daily or as your dietary needs require - Mix 1 scoop of OxyWhey with 6-8 ounces (177 ml - 295 ml) of water or nonfat milk. 

We recommend consuming OxyWhey in the morning with your breakfast and also as a post workout protein shake (within 20 minutes after your workout to ensure you maximise your muscle recovery and lean muscle development).

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