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ANDROMASS is the ULTIMATE MASS BUILDER!  Anyone looking to add quality lean mass, this product is for you.  Not only will this product INCREASE YOUR STRENGTH and BUILD LEAN MUSCLE mass, it will also help improve body composition. Running an 8-12 week cycle will have you feeling like a BIGGER and BETTER man.
If you are looking to PACK ON quality LEAN MASS and get the most out of every workout Phase One Nutrition – ANDROMASS is the answer. ANDROMASS may put you in a heightened anabolic state, which may allow you to increase your strength and may help increase your size.

Natural Testosterone levels peak in early adulthood and then slowly fall as you age, supplementing with a Testosterone booster can help improve muscle mass and recovery improving well-being, cognitive function and body composition
Packed with potent testosterone boosting precusors Phase One Nutrition Andro Mass offers increased strength, growth and muscle hardening effects to your physisque in a short period of time. By inhibiting the synthesis of thromboxane A2 in activated plateletsincreases,serum levels of insulin-like growth factor 1 are significantly increased and promotes cyclic guanosine monophosphate and nitric oxide synthesis for imrpoved pumps in the gym. 

With an added estrogen blocker, you'll experience a boost in testosterone. This is crucial when it comes to building muscle and strength. With more testosterone in the body, gaining mass becomes a whole lot easier. High estrogen related side effects include water retention (bloating), gyno, decreased sex drive and mood swings. Bio Tech Avenger ensures that you not only not experience these negative sides but also achieve a dryer, harder physique in the process. 


  • Non-Methylated/Non-Liver Toxic (Doesn't require liver support such as TUDCA or NAC)
  • Dry Compound/Non-Aromatizing (Won't convert estrogen nor cause water retention or bloating)
  • Anti-estrogenic Effect
  • Increases Aggression
  • Increases Energy/Combats Lethargy
  • Increases Muscle Hardness and Density
  • Increases Strength via CNS Activation
  • Increases Vascularity
  • Reduces Water Weight (Leading to a drier/tighter appearance)
  • Supports Libido
  • Excellent for Cutting/Recomping


Take (1) capsule twice daily with food. Do not exceed 4 weeks of continuous use without a 4 week off period. For optimal results always follow with 4 weeks of Cycle Phase. 

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