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  • 18g of protein per serving

  • Ultra low fat & only 3.4g carbs

  • Zero sugar

  • Prebiotics, collagen, B-vitamins, vitamin D-3

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LUST Protein Bars (60g) have been created for those people looking for a protein bar with a sinfully good taste and an excellent macronutrient profile.

LUST Protein Bars offer a combination of a high-quality protein blend, low fat and carbs, and a mix of prebiotics, collagen, B vitamins and vitamin D3. Make sure your hard work at the gym is paying off with the right diet. This delicious treat will give you the right amount of protein, fat and carbs to keep you on track.

From the makers of the famous pre-workout Oxyshred, EHP LABS has created a new protein bar that contains hydrolyzed collagens! Responsible for improving hair, skin and nails. Hydrolyzed collagen also helps in muscle recovery.

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body and is responsible for skin elasticity, protection of organs in the body and providing structure to joints and tendons to hold them in place.

As we age our natural level of collagen in the body decreases. Thus, it is important to supplement this supply especially as one grows older. Also, some lifestyle choices and medical conditions can lead to low levels of collagen in the body. For instance, smoking, sun exposure, and unhealthy diets can lead to low levels of collagen in the body. Joint pain is a sign of low collagen levels in the body.

EHP Labs Lust Bar is designed to have a delicious taste so you don’t have to worry about the unpleasant taste that accompanies some other natural products. The Protein Bars are not for Fat Burners only, People who also do not have the opportunities for healthy diets should also consider EHP Labs Lust Bar. 


  • No added sugar, flavours or colours.
  • Only 212 Calories Per Serve
  • 18g of Protein
  • 6.8g of Fat
  • 3.4g of carbohydrates; 2.6g of sugar
  • 20mcg of vitamin B9 that promotes cognitive function
  • 1mg of vitamin B3 which imrpoves digestion
  • 1mcg of vitamin D that improves the absorbtion of calcium
  • 0.5mg of vitamin B5 that aids is the conversion to energy
  • 0.2gmcg of vitamin B12 that aids in the production of new red blood cells

Nutritional Information

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