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#Steamfunk is a Pre-Workout for this generation! Loaded with sixteen grams of specially combined nootropic, stimulant and pump ingredients that work in synergy to provide a complete performance enhancing experience. The ideal pre-workout for people who train at any time during the day! Whether you choose to train first thing in the morning, afternoon, evening or even the middle of the night, #Steamfunk offers a no-crash effect.  With #Steamfunk, you will experience two hours of lasting clarity, focus and energy and then have you feeling normal to go about your everyday life.

After extensive research of the available pre-workouts on the current market, a constant issue that would arise for consumers is having to make a compromise in their choice of pre-workouts. Use a strong pre-workout and crash post-training? Or use a mild pre-workout with no crash-effect but a very weak pump/energy effect during training?



The right amount of pump for both endurance athletes and weight trainers. We want you to be able to feel your workout and push through your sets and feel fantastic! Alternatively, we want you to be able to push through your grappling or MMA rounds without feeling your fingers and joints swell due to overloading of pump ingredients.


#Steamfunk is a stimulant based pre-workout that will get you focused and feeling like you can crush your PB. It is blended with the highest quality ingredients in perfect ratios to ensure that you feel what you are using.


#Steamfunk poses a potent nootropic profile that will activate your mind and give you that ‘ON’ switch when training, whether that is first thing in the morning after a long sleep or after a long day at work.

No Crash

The #Steamfunk formula is formulated with ingredients that are designed to help you focus but also prevent that dreaded crash after using a high stimulant pre-workout. Our doses of Tyrosine and Theanine are sure to leave you feeling your best post session.


No point in having the best formula if you can’t drink it, right? Each flavour has been tried, tested and reformulated to meet a 100% satisfaction rate. The flavours provide a smooth experience you can enjoy every day.

Available in Mango-Passionfruit, Raspberry, Watermelon-Kiwi and Strawberry-Kiwi.


Take shaker and shake ½ to 1 full scoop (8-16 g) into 550 -1100 ml of water. Shake and enjoy 15 minutes before training. We recommend ½ scoop for beginners and 1 full scoop for experienced users.


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