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180 Degree’s Nutrition sedate is a blend of Relora and L-Theanine which is perfect for the stressful world we’re living in today, after training, before bed and when you just need to chill out!

A lot of the time, when individuals talk about “stubborn fat” or their inability to lose those last few kilos they are experiencing stress and or anxiety which is pushing their body into fight or flight mode, causing their body to store fat/water on the torso for vital organ protection after training or during stressful times. This can be the difference between having visible abs in the morning and stepping on stage without them at midday.

Stress is one of the most potent inhibitors of muscle gain, weight loss and cause water retention. It’s also a massive contributor to putting the body into a catabolic state and wasting muscle. Relora, is a fantastic patented blend of magnolia and philodendron bark which aids the body in relaxation, positive hormone production and stress reduction. Partnered with L-Theanine, this powerful blend  helps alleviate stress and built up cortisol after a session, before bed and during stressful instances, helping free up testosterone, and keep the body in a recovery focused anabolic state.

So if you’re looking for gains, weight loss or just to look and feel better, Sedate is what you need!!


Take one Capsule daily, best taken before bed.

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