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AAA Supplements PRO Mass Gainer protein powder brings you the latest in protein technology to help you put on mass fast.

PRO Mass Gainer Benefits

  • Guaranteed no digestive stress or bloating
  • Guaranteed rapid mass gain through increased muscle, no fat!
  • Guaranteed no fillers or impurities!


AAA Supplements is proud to announce the introduction of a Milk Protein Concentrate, Hydrolysed NANO-Peptide Extract Protein and Instant Why Protein Isolate bound in a sustained release matrix.

This specially developed product contains proteins and amino acids (of various sequence lengths) with specific receptor binding sites for myoblast and hormone expression for enhanced muscle volumisation.

By providing a weight gain protein which has myoblast expression-like properties, muscle mass gain is achieved through an increase in muscle mass rather than body-fat typical of other mass gainer supplements. This makes PRO Mass Gainer the world’s best weight gain protein and the most effective sports nutrition product when it comes to putting on mass quickly and safely.




Imagine a mass gainer using the latest in milk protein technology, a Milk Protein Concentrate with vitamins and minerals, providing a sustained release of amino acids. Now add further to that a complex of various chained length glucose carbohydrates, giving a ratio of around 50/50 protein to carb ratio. What you have now created is a calorie dense protein weight gain mass formula like no other.

PRO Mass is a weight gaining, mass increasing protein supplement designed to gain lean mass weight at the fastest possible rate.

It is the lowest mass gainer protein in fat, with no added oils and fats to provide a healthy nutritional shake to help support gaining weight fast.

Science has found that consuming nutrition which is very high in carbohydrates and fats is linked to obesity and heart disease. Therefore, PRO Mass has been scientifically formulated to minimize fat weight gain, but is nutritionally dense enough to supply enough calories to help people even with the fastest metabolism put on lean mass. Because of its mass building potency, the serving size of PRO Mass has been minimized to cause virtually no digestive stress and bloating as found with other big serving weight gain powders.

If massive lean weight gain is your goal, PRO Mass Serious Muscle gainer is your answer.



To build fat free mass fast you must provide a stimulus to muscle to activate stem cells involved in muscle repair and growth. Then you must supply nutrition that feeds the stem cells, helps them mature and fuse to the muscle fibers, making them bigger and stronger. PRO Mass supplies all the nutrition you need to do this!

The perfect ratio of sustained release proteins and amino acids in PRO Mass provides an ideal environment for the stem cells and for protein synthesis involved in muscle growth.

Finally, PRO Mass contains an ideal amount of short and long chain glucose sugars, providing a sustained release of carbohydrates to maintain muscle energy levels, allowing for protein synthesis to operate at its maximum and minimize metabolism of amino acids to be used as energy.

Most mass gainers are overloaded with sugars, some supplying up to 90% sugar which supplies too many carbohydrates for the body’s energy needs and ends up getting stored as body fat. You will gain mass, but it will be fat mass! PRO Mass is the perfect weight gain supplement. It supplies all of your energy and muscle building needs to build fat free mass fast.




Add 1 scoop (50g) to 300ml of cold water or milk in a drink shaker.
Mix well and consume. For optimum results consume 1 serve, 2-3 times during the day.

Tip: Mixing two scoops of PRO Mass in 500ml of Full Cream Milk instead of water will give you a thicker, creamier, high calorie shake.


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