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NMN combined with Resveratrol works synergistically to maximise the activation of sirtiuns, the most important anti-aging and longevity genes found in the human body. This super potent formula boosts NAD+ levels that are essential for energy, metabolism and maintenance of DNA repair.  When we boost NMN levels in the body, we enhance the biosynthesis of NAD+ and help restore declining levels of NAD+ as we age.


  • Support Healthy Ageing.
  • Restore NAD+ Levels.
  • Natural Antioxidants.
  • Support Energy Levels.
  • Mitochondrial Health.
  • Support DNA Repair.
  • Vascular & Liver Health.



Nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN) is the main precursor of nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+) — an essential enzyme for various critical cell functions, including metabolism, DNA repair, cell growth and survival. When we boost NMN levels in the body, we enhance the biosynthesis of NAD and help restore declining levels of NAD as we age. Neurolab use beta nicotinamide mononucleotide in our formula which is the active version of NMN and delivers superior results.


Resveratrol (3,5,4′-trihydroxy-trans-stilbene) is a natural compound found in red grape skin, Japanese knotweed, peanuts, blueberries and some other berries. It is a powerful antioxidant that neutralizes free radicals, which are a major cause of aging. Resveratrol has many health benefits such as protecting the heart and circulatory system, lowering cholesterol, and protecting against clots which can cause heart attacks. Resveratrol also plays a key role in the activation of the sirtuin genes, which assist with cellular health. Resveratrol is the accelerator pedal for the sirtuin genes (increasing their activation), and NMN (a precursor to NAD) as the fuel. Without the “fuel”, resveratrol won’t be as effective.


Bioperine is a patented black pepper extract that contains the active compound piperine. BioPerine is used to enhance absorption rates of ingredients.


Without NAD+ in our cells, we would be dead in less than 30 seconds. It is responsible for multiple enzymatic processes which are critical to repairing DNA damage and creating energy. It is the failing of these enzymatic processes that slow down our DNA repair which in turn leads to aging. If we can maintain our DNA repair processes for longer we could expect to live longer and healthier.

Even though NAD+ is one of the most critical molecules in our bodies… there is a problem! Have a look at this diagram which relates to levels of NAD+ in our bodies and a DNA damage marker. Pretty frightening:  



Scientists have found a safe and natural way to restore healthy levels of NAD+ in our bodies. The solution is to use a natural precursor to generate the extra NAD+ in our bodies. There are two options. One is called NR which is short for Nicotinamide Riboside Chloride and the other is NMN which is short for Nicotinamide mononucleotide. Neurolab uses NMN based on the results from scientists from Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis who provide compelling evidence that NMN is superior to NR in boosting NAD+ levels. NMN also absorbs better than NR and Neurolab include 5mg of Bioperine in our formula to further enhance absorption efficiency.


Many supplements come with just NMN, which is less effective to produce higher levels of NAD which the body needs to prevent cellular degeneration as we age. As a result our Neurolab formula includes 400mg of NMN with synergistic inclusion of 400mg of Resveratrol and 5mg of Bioperine. Research shows the addition of Resveratrol to NMN can better improve the performance of NMN in NAD+ synthesis up to 500%. Resveratrol works with NMN acting as an accelerator to produce better results in DNA repair. Resveratrol is needed to activate the sirtuin genes which protect our DNA and epigenome, while NMN is needed to fuel the sirtuins. BioPerine is used to enhance absorption rates of NMN and Reseveratrol.


Take 1 serving (2 capsules) with water.

Do not exceed 1 serving (2 capsules) per day.



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